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Exploring the frontiers of molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics defines my research journey. My work is dedicated to unravelling the complexities of infectious diseases, with a particular emphasis on areas such as Kawasaki Disease, febrile infections, COVID-19, and beyond.  

As a Research Associate at Imperial College London’s School of Medicine, I am deeply involved in proteomic and metagenomic research. My work contributes to a comprehensive understanding of various diseases at the molecular level. I held an EMBO Fellowship at VIB, University of Ghent, Belgium. During this tenure, I led a team and developed innovative methods for pathogen identification in patient samples. I have also been an active participant in several research projects, including DIAMONDS, PERFORM, and EUCLIDS, where I have made contributions to the field of pediatric infectious diseases.

Beyond my research, I am passionate about education and have a track record of mentoring and supervising students across various academic levels. I have also actively engaged in public outreach and community service, promoting science education and global health initiatives.

With a strong grounding in research and a commitment to education, aspirations include expanding knowledge in molecular biology and infectious diseases while nurturing the future of scientific inquiry and inspiring the next generation of researchers.



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