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Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2

Research projects are mainly focussed on CO and syngas producing catalysts.

CO2 Specific research areas include:

  • Synthesis of efficient nanostructured catalysts for the conversion of CO2 to CO/H2
  • Understanding of degradation phenomena with high surface area and model catalysts
  • Development of benchmarking and measuring protocols for high surface area materials

Electrocatalytic conversion of bio-based building blocks

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The main goal is to discover and develop efficient catalysts for the electrocatalytic conversion of bio-based building blockHMF oxidationSpecific research areas include:

  • Discovery of efficient catalysts for the oxidation/reduction of furan-based compounds and simple (di)carboxylic acids.
  • Identification of physico-chemical descriptors (at catalyst- and reaction-relate parameters) that favour the synthesis of desired products in the electro-oxidation/-reduction reactions

Development of electrochemical disgnostic tools/methods

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Development of analytical and electrochemical diagnostic methods/tools for the characterization of high surface are electrocatalysts.