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Palmer C, Urwin EN, Niknejad A, Petrovic D, Popplewell K, Young RIMet al., 2018, An ontology supported risk assessment approach for the intelligent configuration of supply networks, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol: 29, Pages: 1005-1030, ISSN: 0956-5515

As progress towards globalisation continues, organisations seek ever better ways with which to configure and reconfigure their global production networks so as to better understand and be able to deal with risk. Such networks are complex arrangements of different organisations from potentially diverse and divergent domains and geographical locations. Moreover, greater focus is being put upon global production network systems and how these can be better coordinated, controlled and assessed for risk, so that they are flexible and competitive advantage can be gained from them within the market place. This paper puts forward a reference ontology to support risk assessment for product-service systems applied to the domain of global production networks. The aim behind this is to help accelerate the development of information systems by way of developing a common foundation to improve interoperability and the seamless exchange of information between systems and organisations. A formal common logic based approach has been used to develop the reference ontology, utilising end user information and knowledge from three separate industrial domains. Results are presented which illustrate the ability of the approach, together with areas for further work.

Journal article

Niknejad A, Petrovic D, 2017, Analysis of impact of uncertainty in global production networks' parameters, COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, Vol: 111, Pages: 228-238, ISSN: 0360-8352

Journal article

Achurra Gonzalez PE, Angeloudis P, Zavitsas K, Niknejad, Graham Det al., 2017, Attacker-defender assessment of vulnerability in maritime logistics corridors, Advances in Shipping Data Analysis and Modeling. Tracking and Mapping Maritime Flows in the Age of Big Data, Editors: Ducruet, Publisher: Routledge

Book chapter

Niknejad A, Petrovic D, 2016, A fuzzy dynamic inoperability input-output model for strategic risk management in global production networks, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol: 179, Pages: 44-58, ISSN: 0925-5273

Strategic decision making in Global Production Networks (GPNs) is quite challenging, especially due to the unavailability of precise quantitative knowledge, variety of relevant risk factors that need to be considered and the interdependencies that can exist between multiple partners across the globe. In this paper, a risk evaluation method for GPNs based on a novel Fuzzy Dynamic Inoperability Input Output Model (Fuzzy DIIM) is proposed. A fuzzy multi-criteria approach is developed to determine interdependencies between nodes in a GPN using experts’ knowledge. An efficient and accurate method based on fuzzy interval calculus in the Fuzzy DIIM is proposed. The risk evaluation method takes into account various risk scenarios relevant to the GPN and likelihoods of their occurrences. A case of beverage production from food industry is used to showcase the application of the proposed risk evaluation method. It is demonstrated how it can be used for GPN strategic decision making. The impact of risk on inoperability of alternative GPN configurations considering different risk scenarios is analysed.

Journal article

Niknejad S, Petrovic D, Popplewell K, Jäkel F-W, Pajkovska-Goceva Set al., 2016, A New Framework for Strategic Risk Analysis in a Global Pump Manufacturing Network, 8th International Conference, Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications

This paper presents a new risk analysis framework applied to a global production network forpump manufacturing considering strategic decisions regarding alternative suppliers and markets.External and internal risk scenarios are defined and alternative network configurations are evaluatedconsidering the constructed risk scenarios. Inoperability of individual nodes in the global productionnetworks caused by identified risks are determined by taking into account propagation of risks dueto the interdependencies between nodes. Fuzzy arithmetic is applied to track the level ofuncertainty inherent in the model parameters and the outcomes. It is demonstrated howrecommendations can be made with regard to the network configuration and handling of theuncertainty in the results.

Conference paper

Jaekel F-W, Schlosser S, Otto B, Petrovic D, Niknejad Aet al., 2016, Seamless interrelation between business strategies and tactical planning, 8th International Conferece, Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications

Conference paper

Afsharian M, Niknejad A, Wäscher G, 2014, A heuristic, dynamic programming-based approach for a two-dimensional cutting problem with defects, OR Spectrum, Vol: 36, Pages: 971-999

Journal article

Niknejad A, Petrovic D, 2014, Optimisation of integrated reverse logistics networks with different product recovery routes, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol: 238, Pages: 143-154

Journal article

Niknejad A, 2014, Quantitative Decision Making in Reverse Logistics Networks with Uncertainty and Quality of Returns Considerations

Thesis dissertation

Niknejad A, Petrovic D, 2013, Introduction to computational intelligence techniques and areas of their applications in medicine, Medical Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Editors: Agah

Book chapter

Niknejad A, Petrovic D, 2010, A Genetic-Fuzzy Framework for Optimization of Reverse Logistics Networks with Multiple Recovery Routes

Conference paper

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