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Simon O'Kane currently works in the Electrochemical Science and Engineering group. He specializes in physics-based models of lithium-ion battery degradation and is an active contributor to the open-source software package Python Battery Mathematical Modelling (PyBaMM). Simon's research is funded by The Faraday Institution's Multiscale Modelling consortium of nine universities across England.

In his most recent publication, "Lithium-ion battery degradation: how to model it", Simon presented the first model of graphite-based negative electrodes to include four different degradation mechanisms. He is now actively looking for collaborators with degradation measurements that could be used to further improve the model.

In an earlier publication, Simon presented modelling results that cast doubt on existing assumptions that differential voltage analysis could be used to quantify lithium plating, a safety hazard that also reduces battery lifetime.

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A free lecture on lithium plating by Dr. Simon O'Kane



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