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Simon O'Kane specializes in physics-based modelling of lithium-ion batteries using PyBaMM. He is interested in modelling battery degradation, especially lithium plating. He is funded by the Faraday Institution's Multiscale Modelling consortium of nine universities across England.



O'Kane SEJ, Campbell ID, Marzook WWJ, et al., 2021, Physical Origin of the Differential Voltage Minimum Associated With Lithium Plating in Li-Ion Batteries, Ecs Meeting Abstracts, Vol:MA2021-02, Pages:466-466

Edge JS, O'Kane S, Prosser R, et al., 2021, Lithium ion battery degradation: what you need to know, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol:23, ISSN:1463-9076, Pages:8200-8221

O'Kane SEJ, Campbell ID, Marzook MWJ, et al., 2020, Physical origin of the differential voltage minimum associated with lithium plating in Li-Ion batteries, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol:167, ISSN:0013-4651, Pages:1-11

Tomaszewska A, Chu Z, Feng X, et al., 2019, Lithium-ion battery fast charging: A review, Etransportation, Vol:1, ISSN:2590-1168, Pages:1-28

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