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Battery degradation and PyBaMM

I specialize in physics-based modelling of Li-ion battery degradation, mostly using PyBaMM. I wrote PyBaMM's original lithium plating model and have recently upgraded it with extra features. I also worked with other colleagues in the Electrochemical Science and Engineering group at Imperial to produce the first model of graphite negative electrodes to include four different degradation mechanisms and the links between them. This work is now also being added to PyBaMM.

Parameterization of battery models

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My other main research interest is combining original measurements with data from the academic literature to form realistic sets of input parameters for physics-based models. I co-authored a review article on how to obtain and interpret these parameters and contrubuted to LiionDB, a database of Li-ion battery parameters that was launched alongside the review. I also have first-hand experience of parameterizing models for use by industial collaborators.

Links with the solar cell community

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Before starting at Imperial, I specialized in using similar modelling for perovskite solar cells. As a result, I was invited to give a summary of Imperial's battery research at the SimOEP 2020 conference on solar cell modelling, which became a virtual conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic.