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Reader in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics



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My research is in numerical analysis and computational methods. I have developed spectral methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, singular integral equations, and Riemann–Hilbert problems, with applications in integrable systems and the study of random matrices. 

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Gutleb T, Carrillo J, Olver S, 2022, Computing equilibrium measures with power law kernels, Mathematics of Computation, ISSN:0025-5718

Fasondini M, Olver S, Xu Y, 2021, Orthogonal polynomials on planar cubic curves, Foundations of Computational Mathematics, ISSN:1615-3375

Snowball B, Olver S, 2021, Sparse spectral methods for partial differential equations on spherical caps, Transactions of Mathematics and Its Applications, ISSN:2398-4945

Olver S, Xu Y, 2021, Non-homogeneous wave equation on a cone, Integral Transforms and Special Functions, Vol:32, ISSN:1065-2469, Pages:604-619

Webb M, Olver S, 2021, Spectra of Jacobi operators via connection coefficient matrices, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol:382, ISSN:0010-3616, Pages:657-707

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