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Strategy Implementation - BUSI97252


While much of strategy deals with strategic analysis, any practising manager will immediately agree that any strategy is only as good as its execution. The question of strategy execution is therefore a key challenge for managers and will form the focus of this course. Strategy execution involves balancing the strategic and operational goals of the organisation while appreciating the interconnectedness of strategy, structure and systems. It involves gaining the commitment of organisational members to a new strategy as well as managing processes of organisational change, both of which deal with the complex dynamics of people, power and politics.

In this course, we will examine how managers can anticipate, understand and resolve different problems that arise when a new strategy is executed. In general, a different area of strategy execution will be explored during each class. Class discussions, exercises and readings from will be used to link the conceptual material we will consider with real world issues and problems. Case analysis and discussion are integral parts of the course and I will expect all students to have carefully prepared the assigned cases before class. The cases are designed to test and sharpen the ability of students’ to identify course concepts in actual business settings and apply these concepts in decision-making but the case approach only works if students prepare properly for class.

Course Objectives

Knowledge Objectives

•  Understand the central concepts in strategy implementation

•  Understand how to develop a plan for the implementation of a strategy

•  Understand the sorts of challenges and barriers that may pose problems for strategy implementation

Skill Objectives

•   Ability to apply concepts and frameworks from strategy implementation to business cases and real-life firms

•   Ability to identify problem areas when implementing a strategy and use theory to develop potential solutions


•   Enhanced skills in written and verbal communication, teamwork, analytical thinking, decision-making, project planning and general management


Course Leader