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I am a Lecturer and EPSRC Early Career Fellow at Imperial College London, working on the environmental degradation of engineering alloys. I have a particular interest in oxidation and hot corrosion of nickel and cobalt-based superalloys as well as advanced characterisation techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atom probe tomography (APT). I teach the 1st year undergraduate module in Materials Electrochemistry MSE104. 

Current research projects: I have a long-standing research collaboration with Rolls-Royce plc, who are co-sponsoring several PhD studentships, including several that I am about to advertise. I have some collaboration projects with Knauf Insulation and CCFE. The topic is always environmental degradation of various engineering alloys/oxides/coatings. If interested, please contact me.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Gardner H, Pedrazzini S, Douglas JO, et al., 2019, Atom probe tomography investigations of microstructural evolution in an aged nickel superalloy for exhaust applications, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, Vol:50, ISSN:1073-5623, Pages:1862-1872

Pedrazzini S, Kiseeva ES, Escoube R, et al., 2018, In-Service Oxidation and Microstructural Evolution of a Nickel Superalloy in a Formula 1 Car Exhaust, Oxidation of Metals, Vol:89, ISSN:0030-770X, Pages:375-394

Barba D, Alabort E, Pedrazzini S, et al., 2017, On the microtwinning mechanism in a single crystal superalloy, Acta Materialia, Vol:135, ISSN:1359-6454, Pages:314-329

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Barba D, Pedrazzini S, Vilalta-Clemente A, et al., 2017, On the composition of microtwins in a single crystal nickel-based superalloy, Scripta Materialia, Vol:127, ISSN:1359-6462, Pages:37-40

Kontis P, Pedrazzini S, Gong Y, et al., 2017, The effect of boron on oxide scale formation in a new polycrystalline superalloy, Scripta Materialia, Vol:127, ISSN:1359-6462, Pages:156-159

Pedrazzini S, Child DJ, West G, et al., 2016, Oxidation behaviour of a next generation polycrystalline Mn containing Ni-based superalloy, Scripta Materialia, Vol:113, ISSN:1359-6462, Pages:51-54

Kontis P, Yusof HAM, Pedrazzini S, et al., 2016, On the effect of boron on grain boundary character in a new polycrystalline superalloy, Acta Materialia, Vol:103, ISSN:1359-6454, Pages:688-699

Segersall M, Kontis P, Pedrazzini S, et al., 2015, Thermal-mechanical fatigue behaviour of a new single crystal superalloy: Effects of Si and Re alloying, Acta Materialia, Vol:95, ISSN:1359-6454, Pages:456-467


Pedrazzini S, Child DJ, Aarholt T, et al., 2018, On the effect of environmental exposure on dwell fatigue performance of a fine-grained nickel-based superalloy, 3rd European Conference on Superalloys (Eurosuperalloys), Springer Verlag, Pages:3908-3922, ISSN:1073-5623

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