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Dr Sunday Popo-Ola is currently a Research and Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London and his work reflects the level of multidisciplinary expertise that he has obtained.  His work cuts across three sub-sections within the department namely Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Environmental and the computing part of the Systems and Mechanics.  Dr Popo-Ola takes full responsibility for the technical and managerial decisions on the Expansion Anchors project. He takes responsibility for technical and strategic decisions on other projects as and when appropriate, as on the FutureHome project.  The effect of errors of judgement would be to scupper the fledgling fixings technology centre of excellence which the Dr Popo-Ola is endeavouring to establish at Imperial College. The responsibility for accuracy and judgement is, therefore, significant. The centre of excellence is an example of innovation on the part of the Dr Popo-Ola and ability to take thought into action.

Dr Popo-Ola has harnessed the support and enthusiasm of the technical staff in this enterprise, in a situation where human resources can be critical to the success or failure of the work, thereby demonstrating interpersonal skills. His ability to liaise across different sections of the department is another indicator of his interpersonal skills. Dr Popo-Ola has acquired and successful run research project to the sum of £1.5M in the last 5 years.

Dr Popo-Ola was the Engineering manager that helped to design and co-ordinated the construction of the modular building at Shin-Gi Elementary School, Seoul, South Korea in 2003. He is a London Technology Network Business Fellow fostering academic-industry links. Dr Popo-Ola has developed a reputation as an expert in the field of fixings and claddings and continues to be a member of the UK’s National Technical Committee (NTC) on Steel Anchors standards.

Apart from working and teaching students about Engineering, Sunday is an active member of an Imperial College Advisory Group called “Imperial As One” a group form to promote race equality and the inclusion of Black Minority Ethnic at all levels of Imperial College as a leading institution for teaching, research and development. Sunday sees Imperial As One as part of a local ‘Perestroika’ – the greater expression of cultural ideas, social, political and spiritual growth - by spreading cultural understanding and above all encouraging the trust and confidence that should exist for all within Imperial College. Sunday won the Rector’s inaugural award for Equality and Diversity in 2006 for his work with Imperial As One. Sunday is also the founder of an initiative called Creative Futures – Achieving your Potential. This is a special event created for school pupils to come to Imperial College for a day of fun, excitement and interactive learning for young people, and to be inspired by role models and mentors



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