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Teacher, CE-315: Constructionarium. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, CE405: 4th year projects. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, CI-101 - CAD Drawings and Sketching. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, CI-111: Creative Design I. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, CI-211: Creative Design II. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, CI-212: Constructionarium. (Undergraduate)

Civil Engineering Design I - CIVE40002


Course Leader

Constructionarium - CIVE95002


  • To give insight and practice in the role of the engineer as contractor and constructor.
  • To inspire our students and give them an appreciation of the relationship between hands-on engineering and the theoretical teaching they receive.
  • To give students the chance to practise working as engineering firms taking responsibility for construction planning, process and product.
  • To give students experience on-site from start-to-finish of a construction project.
  • To explore essential engineering skills, working in group and using problem-based learning to find solutions to real engineering projects.


This is the construction practice and awareness module which was established in 2003 and has been taken up in over 16 other universities and copied by across the world. Students who undertake this course will form construction firms of approximately 20 students to build a structure of significant scale in five days at a bespoke student site at the National Construction College. The module was created by industry partners and Alison Ahearn, Dr Popo-Ola and Rebecca Naessens.


Course Leader

Civil Engineering Design 2 - CIVE50002


In this module you will have the opportunity to:Work as a group on the development of conceptual designs at multiple scales. Create, develop, challenge and augment design briefs. Give and receive critical feedback on designs responses to the developed brief. Generate ideas and carry out research to assess the feasibility of design concepts. Experience hands-on working on a construction site. Work as a group to plan and manage the construction of a design at a 1:1 scale. Develop method statements and risk assessments as part of safe working. Reflect on the role of Civil Engineers as designers and makers.Consider the impact of the Global Climate Emergency and UN Sustainable Development Goals on the value of Civil Engineers and their approach to development projects.