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Stephanie graduated from the University of Reading in 2004 with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology/Zoology. She then went on to complete an MSC in The Psychology of Early Development and a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the same institution. Her PhD was focussed on the mechanisms involved in the intergenerational transmission of social phobia, particularly the involvement of parenting style and the cortisol stress response system (HPA axis). As part of this research she gained extensive experience in conducting behavioural observations and in designing/validating observational tools.

Stephanie is now a Research Associate working on a large-scale national evaluation of the Surgical Safety Checklist introduced by the World Helath Organisation in 2008 as part of their 'Safer Surgery Saves Lives' campaign. This project aims to assess the implementation of the checklist across NHS Trusts in England, with a focus on identifying the barriers and enablers to effective introduction and use, and the impact of the checklist on clinical outcomes. Stephanie is specifically involved in conducting behavioural observations in theatre to assess variation in checklist usage between NHS sites and the relationship this has with ratings of non-technical skill (i.e. effective teamwork) during surgery. She is also working on a smaller arm of the study aimed at assessing patient attitudes towards the checklist and other safety interventions.



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