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Dr Sajad Saeedi

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Honorary Research Fellow



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Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





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Debrunner T, Saeedi Gharahbolagh S, Kelly P, 2019, AUKE: Automatic Kernel Code Generation for an analogue SIMD Focal-plane Sensor-Processor Array, Acm Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, Vol:15, ISSN:1544-3973

Saeedi Gharahbolagh S, Bodin B, Wagstaff H, et al., 2018, Navigating the landscape for real-time localisation and mapping for robotics, virtual and augmented reality, Proceedings of the Ieee, Vol:106, ISSN:0018-9219, Pages:2020-2039


Li W, Saeedi Gharahbolagh S, McCormac J, et al., 2018, InteriorNet: Mega-scale Multi-sensor Photo-realistic Indoor Scenes Dataset, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), BMVC

Bodin B, Wagstaff H, Saeedi S, et al., 2018, SLAMBench2: multi-objective head-to-head benchmarking for visual SLAM, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), IEEE, Pages:3637-3644, ISSN:1050-4729

Li W, Saeedi S, McCormac J, et al., InteriorNet: Mega-scale Multi-sensor Photo-realistic Indoor Scenes Dataset

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