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My research aims to improve the health of children and young people and thereby reduce the burden of long term conditions in the population. I lead a team of researchers in the Child Health Unit with funding support from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Programme Development Grants and fellowships and charities. I also support research  as Panel Member for NIHR Doctoral Fellowships, as member of the BMJ International Advisory Board and a Vice President for the European Public Health Association (Child and Adolescent Section). I also support early career researchers through 1 to 1 mentoring programmes such as the Oxford Initiative for Primary Care Research Leadership.  I am also a practising GP in Putney. 

Research areas

1. Improving primary care quality for children

This NIHR funded work programme uses clinical electronic records to identify how to improve the  management of chronic conditions diagnosed in childhood including asthma, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease

2. Child obesity and early cardiovascular risk

This work stream explores ways of tackling excess weight in children. The PROMISE programme-( Paediatric Research in Obesity Multi-modal Intervention and Service Evaluation  NIHR funded grant in collaboration with UCL/ LSHTM) enabled the largest evaluation of the UK National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP) in England and piloting of web based tools to help clinicians to assess growth and guide weight management in children. My US collaboration with Professor Arch Mainous III (University of Florida, U.S.) and Harvard University explores health system approaches to reduce disparities in cardiovascular disease

3. Reducing the burden of infectious illness in children

This theme examines how preventive primary care and antibiotic treatment impacts on infectious illness in children. Current themes are focused on exploring ways of optimising antibiotic prescribing in primary care by developing and validating prescribing rules.

Selected publications

Improving primary care quality for children

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Child obesity and early cardiovascular risk

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Reducing the burden of infectious illness in children

Bielicki Sharland Saxena S et al. Not too little, not too much: What approach is best for oral antibiotic dose selection for children?" BMJ 2015 351 h5447

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