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Who I am: I am Director of Imperial College Centre for Neurotechnology, and Professor of Neurotechnology in the Department of Bioengineering. I originally trained in physics, applied mathematics and electrical engineering at Monash and Sydney Universities, before completing a doctorate in computational neuroscience at Oxford University. I carried out experimental neuroscience postdocs at New York University (with Tony Movshon) and UCL (with Michael Häusser). 

Research Interests: My group aim to understand how information is encoded and stored in memory by mammalian brains, and how it is retrieved for use in cognition. We are further interested in how memory circuits dysfunction in neurological disease states such as Alzheimer’s Disease, and in developing therapeutic approaches to enhance or restore memory function. We develop technology for neuroscience experiments, particularly optical technologies for interrogating brain circuitry. These new technologies confront us with very high-dimensional datasets which require new analysis tools, and development of such tools (particularly making use of information theory, graph theory and neural manifold techniques) is also a major lab focus.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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