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Dr S M Afzal Sohaib

Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow







NHLIBlock B Hammersmith HospitalHammersmith Campus





Dr Afzal Sohaib is a Consultant Cardiologist at Barking, Havering, & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Bart's Heart Centre in London.  He completed a British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship at the International Centre for Circulatory Health at NHLI and continues to work with the team at NHLI.  His research interests are in cardiac electrophysiology and devices.

Under the supervision of Dr Zachary Whinnett and Professor Darrel Francis,  Dr Sohaib studied for a PhD which tried to understand how biventricular pacemakers (also known as cardiac resynchronisation therapy) deliver impressive prognostic and symptomatic benefits in heart failure.  Understanding the physiological mechanisms which underpin this will improve the way these pacemakers are optimised, and improve the way patients are selected for this treatment.  Dr Sohaib was selected as a finalist for the Heart Rhythm Congress Young Investigator for this work.  His research on His bundle pacing in patients with heart failure and PR prolongation formed the basis of the British Heart Foundation funded HOPE-HF. If positive, this trial may allow certain patients with heart failure to have their treatment transformed with implantation of a new type of pacemaker. 

Dr Sohaib attained his medical degree from University College London and was a Betuel Prize winner after finishing in second place in the University of London Gold Medal Examination.  He trained in cardiac electrophysiology and device implantation at the Hammersmith Hospital, Harefield Hospital, and the Royal Brompton Hospital.  He has EHRA Certification in Cardiac Electrophysiology and EHRA Certification in Pacemakers and ICDs.

He has an interest in improving teaching and training in cardiology, and improving the quality of delivering cardiovascular care.  He is a former President of the British Junior Cardiologists' Association (BJCA) and a former member of the Council of the British Cardiovascular Society. He was part of a working group which helped to design a national set of standards for the seven day delivery of cardiovascular care.

He has served on the Specialty Advisory Commitee for Cardiovascular Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians which designs and oversees the delivery of cardiology training in the UK.  He is currently on the nucleus of the European Society of Cardiology's (ESC) Cardiologists' of Tomorrow initiative which supports young clinicians and scientists across Europe with an interest in cardiovascular diseases.  For the last three years he has directed the annual BJCA meeting "Cardiology to the Core" and is involved in designing the programme for the ESC Congress.  He is also a member of the ESC Council for General Cardiology Practice and ESC Council for Stroke. 



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