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Sina Stapelfeldt is a member of the Rolls-Royce Vibration University Technology Centre. Her research focus is on aeroelasticity and unsteady flows in turbomachines. In particular, she is working on improving the modelling tools to predict self-excited and forced vibrations in aero-engines.

Sina has a MEng degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, and received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 with a thesis entitled ‘Advanced methods for multi-row forced response and flutter computations’. She worked as a development engineer at Rolls-Royce Germany before returning to Imperial College in 2016.



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Zhang W, Vahdati M, 2020, Stall and Recovery Process of a Transonic Fan With and Without Inlet Distortion, ASME, ISSN:0889-504X

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