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 Dr Stefan Studnik is consultant Paediatrician with long experience in autism, ADHD and other developmental problems based in St Marys Hospital, Paddington, London. He built up a multidisciplinary team for autism.
The service is designed to meet the recommendations of the National Autism plan. We are now able to diagnose autism earlier and helps families to access help sooner. Families routinely give feedback to the team and this is usually positive.
 As part of this development, Dr Studnik also trained referrers in screening and early detection of autism and facilitated training for the multidisciplinary team in diagnostic tests.
The service works across boundaries to include child psychiatry, education Social services and charities. Stefan Studnik built up a quality network with other child development centres in West London to standardise the observation assessments ("ADOS"s)  He also receives referrals for a second opinion. He also has regular clinics to see these children jointly with child psychiatrists.
Stefan Studnik is a Honorary  Senior Clinical Lecturer and is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment, teaching and examination.
The service supports the following trials: MENDS study: melatonin in children with developmental problems, Babylabs: Developmental follow up of siblings of children with ASD
His particular interests are diagnostic tests for early diagnosis of autism and eating problems in autism
Stefan Studnik has special training in and uses the following specialised diagnostic tests:
 ADIR(Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised)
 ADOS(Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule)
 3Di(The developmental, dimensional and diagnostic interview)
Griffiths Mental Development Scales
Schedule of Growing skills