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Dr Savitar Sundaresan

Business School

Assistant Professor of Finance



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Savitar Sundaresan is an Assistant Professor of Finance. His CV can be found here.

Savitar's research focuses on information collection, aggregation, and dissemination in financial markets and the real economy. Recent work has focused on using costly informational acquisition to explain patterns in financial uncertainty, belief dispersion and polarisation, price informativeness, and institutional investment patterns. 

Savitar has an A.B. in Philosophy and Mathematics from Harvard, an M.S. in Logic, Computation, and Methodology, from Carnegie Mellon, and an M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia. 

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Sundaresan S, Buss A, 2023, More risk, more information: how passive ownership can improve informational efficiency, The Review of Financial Studies, ISSN:0893-9454

Sundaresan S, 2022, Emergency preparation and uncertainty persistence, Management Science, ISSN:0025-1909

Kacperczyk M, Sundaresan S, Wang T, 2021, Do Foreign Institutional Investors Improve Price Efficiency?, The Review of Financial Studies, Vol:34, ISSN:0893-9454, Pages:1317-1367

Nimark KP, Sundaresan S, 2019, Inattention and belief polarization, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol:180, ISSN:0022-0531, Pages:203-228

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