Imperial College London

DrSze YinTan

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Research Associate







B432MACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus






2017 - Present Postdoctoral Research Associate, Imperial College London

2013 – 2017

Joint PhD in Chemistry, University of Warwick and Monash University

‘Advanced Electrochemical Techniques for Investigating Electron Transfer Kinetics’

2009 – 2013

MChem in Chemistry (Hons), University of Warwick

‘New Insights into Electrochemical Processes on Graphite’


  • Electrochemical recovery of lead from spent lead-acid batteries
  • Electrochemical reactor scale-up strategies
  • Electrochemical recovery of metals from ionic liquid waste
  • Finite element simulations of mass transport in electrochemical systems



Tan S-Y, Hallett J, Geoff K, 2020, Electrodeposition of lead from methanesulfonic acid and methanesulfonate ionic liquid derivatives, Electrochimica Acta, Vol:353, ISSN:0013-4686, Pages:1-11

Tan SY, Payne DJ, Hallett JP, et al., 2019, Developments in electrochemical processes for recycling lead-acid batteries, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, Vol:16, ISSN:2451-9103, Pages:83-89

Li J, Bentley CL, Tan S-Y, et al., 2019, Impact of sp(2) Carbon Edge Effects on the Electron-Transfer Kinetics of the Ferrocene/Ferricenium Process at a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode in an Ionic Liquid, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol:123, ISSN:1932-7447, Pages:17397-17406

Tan S-Y, Perry D, Unwin PR, 2018, Double layer effects in voltammetric measurements with scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Vol:819, ISSN:1572-6657, Pages:240-250

Tan S-Y, Zhang J, Bond AM, et al., 2017, Influence of Tip and Substrate Properties and Nonsteady-State Effects on Nanogap Kinetic Measurements: Response to Comment on "Impact of Adsorption on Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Voltammetry and Implications for Nanogap Measurements", Analytical Chemistry, Vol:89, ISSN:0003-2700, Pages:7273-7276

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