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  • Fellowship of the West African College of Physicians (FWACP), West African College of Physicians, 2015
  • Institut Mérieux Research Laureate 2014, Institut Mérieux, 2014
  • Sheila Sherlock Award, Royal College of Physicians, 2009
  • Sheila Sherlock Travelling Fellowship, Royal College of Physicians, 2009
  • BMA Book Award for Medicine (A Colour Atlas and Text of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Churchill Livingstone 2002: RA Aspinall, SD Taylor-Robinson), 2002
  • Sir Frances Avery Jones Research Gold Medal, British Society of Gastroenterology, 2000
  • Young Investigators Award, UEGW

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Industrial Connections

  • ASTEX Pharmaceuticals, Dublin, California, USA, Advisory Board on viral hepatitis (through Imperial Consultants)
  • BioMerieux, Lyon, France, Collaboration on Liver Cancer Biomarkers in Africa (through Imperial Innovations)
  • GSK, Advisory Board on Liver Fibrosis
  • GSK ADI project, 1. GSK AADI INITIATIVE: £320,445 November 2006-March 2009: “Characterisation of Hepatic Biliary Hyperplasia in Pre-clinical Animals by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy” This study looked at mouse-models of liver injury and assessed the optimal ways of providing non-invasive in vivo imaging information (co-grant holders: Professor J Bell, Dr IJ Cox, Dr PW So). This grant employed: - Post-doctoral research fellow (Bhavana Solanky) - Research associate: (Gina Sanchez)2. GSK AADI INITIATIVE: £180,668 November 2006-March 2009: “Characterisation of Bile and Pancreatic Fluid from Patients with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy” This study aimed at delineating non-invasive biomarkers in this condition. This grant employed:- Gastroenterology Clinical Research Fellow (Dr Amar Sharif)
  • Merz Pharmaceuticals GMbH, MERZ INVESTIGATOR.LED STUDY ON HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY: £420,000 October 2012-October 2014
  • Pfizer, Pfizer - £700,000 – October 2005- April 2009 – “Microbubble Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Liver in Patients with Hepatitis C”. This study combined imaging and serological markers of fibrosis to look at disease progression and response to treatment in hepatitis C. The grant employed:a. 2 radiographers (Nayna Patel, Julie Fitzpatrick)b. 1 physicist, (Marzena Wylezinska-Arridge) c. 1 part time research nurse (Mary Crossey)
  • Tobira Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco, USA, Advisory Board (through Imperial Consultants)


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