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Dr Sarah Thomas is an Imperial College Research Fellow in quantum optics, working in the Photonic Quantum Information group led by Professor Ian Walmsley ( 

Sarah obtained her PhD as part of Imperial's Doctoral Training Centre in Controlled Quantum Dynamics. She conducted her research in the Ultrafast Quantum Optics group at the University of Oxford with Dr Joshua Nunn and Professor Ian Walmsley. Her research focused on optical quantum memories in warm atomic ensembles, which are key devices for the scalability of optical quantum technologies. 

Sarah was a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Pascale Senellart at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Paris for 2.5 years, working on quantum dot based single-photon sources and their applications in photonic quantum technologies. 

Sarah re-joined Imperial in 2022, and is now working on optimising quantum memories and interfacing them with quantum dot single-photon sources. 

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