Imperial College London

Mr Sander Välk

Faculty of EngineeringDyson School of Design Engineering

Research Postgraduate







Dyson BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Sander Välk is a PhD candidate at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, developing new innovation models for multidisciplinary design collaborations. His background is in industrial design with focus on curating product and service interactions that lead to desired user experiences. Sander has completed a comprehensive master’s program in Design for Interaction at TU Delft in The Netherlands and collaborated with various industry partners on design projects ranging from FMCG (Unilever) and aviation (Zodiac Aerospace) to visitor experience design at music festival (Into the Great Wide Open)



Valk S, Chen Y, Dieckmann E, et al., 2023, Supporting collaborative biodesign ideation with contextualised knowledge from bioscience, Codesign, Vol:19, ISSN:1571-0882

Valk S, Thabsuwan C, Mougenot C, 2023, The ideation compass: supporting interdisciplinary creative dialogues with real time visualization, International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, Vol:11, ISSN:2165-0349, Pages:99-116


Valk S, Chen Y, Nguyen M, et al., Ideation and Consequence Scanning Beyond Human Perspectives in Biodesign, Design Research Society 2022

Valk S, Chen Y, Mougenot C, Towards a designerly way of thinking for bioengineers with ‘Design and Science’ cards, IASDR 2021

Valk S, Mougenot C, 2020, Generative boundary objects as integral parts of framing in design and bioscience collaborations, DESIGN 2020, Cambridge University Press, Pages:1135-1144, ISSN:2633-7762

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