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I work on realising sympathetic cooling of molecules with atoms, with the aim of producing large ensembles of ultracold polar molecules.

Polar molecules offer exciting differences to atoms: the interaction between their permanent electric dipole moments is long range, anisotropic and readily tune-able with external fields. Molecules therefore present new opportunities for the study of cold collisions, for quantum simulation and for quantum computation.

Recent work in our group has delivered samples of a few thousands of calcium monofluoride molecules at microkelvin temperatures. To access the nanokelvin regime, we aim to take advantage of established cold-atom technology and sympathetically cool the molecules with ultracold atoms. 

My work so far has focused on preparing ultracold samples of Lithium-7 using Raman Grey Molasses, and testing a new microwave resonator trap which will provide strong confinement to atoms and ground state molecules. 

I work in the Centre for Cold Matter, under the supervision of Michael Tarbutt. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Wright S, Wall T, Tarbutt M, Microwave trap for atoms and molecules, Physical Review Research, ISSN:2643-1564

Kellerer A, Wright S, Lacour S, 2017, Coherence and information in a fiber interferometer, American Journal of Physics, Vol:85, Pages:6-13

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