Imperial College London

Dr Samuel Barnes

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Brain Sciences

Senior Lecturer



+44 (0)20 7594 6817samuel.barnes




Burlington DanesHammersmith Campus




Guest Lectures

Neural-circuit plasticity in aging and AD, LKC Medicine Dementia workshop, Joint Imperial LKCMedicine Dementia workshop, 2020

CDT Neurotechnology: invited talk ‘Functional Signatures of Homeostatic Plasticity’ (2018), Imperial College London, 2019

SFN Co-Chair ‘Homeostatic plasticity and dysregulation of firing rate activity’ (2019), Society For Neuroscience - Chicago, 2019

Eli Lilly NDD Symposium: Invited talk, ‘Functional Signatures of Homeostatic Plasticity.’ (2018), Eli Lilly, 2019

Organiser for the, ‘Neurotechnology in dementia meeting’ May 2019, UK DRI, 2019

BNA symposium Co-chair ‘Functional Signatures of Homeostatic Plasticity.’ (2019), British Neuroscience Association, 2019

ECR Neuroimmunology meeting invited talk: ‘TNF-α and synaptic homeostasis in vivo.’ (2019), UK DRI - ECR network, 2019

Japan-UK Symposium: Poster, ‘Functional Signatures of Homeostatic Plasticity.’ (2019), Japan-UK society, 2019

Dementia Research Institute Connectome: 'Functional Signatures of Homeostatic Plasticity’ (2018), UK DRI, 2018

London Cognition Club KCL IOPPN: invited talk ‘Resetting the cortex’ (2016), Kings College London, 2015

KCL synaptic dysfunction meeting invited talk, ‘Origins of age-related hyperactivity.’ (2019), UK DRI - KCL

Research Staff







Research Student Supervision

Ashenden,L, Age-related changes in synaptic homeostatic control

Medelboka,D, Neural circuit origins of age-related neural hyperexcitability

Melgosa,L, ‘Functional signatures of synaptic vulnerability in AD’

Pavlina,P, Detecting age-related cognitive deficits with touchscreen testing

Raina,S, Synaptic sensory integration and plasticity in the

Shamsi,S, MSc Homeostatic control with age

Shepphard,J, ‘Homeostatic Plasticity in Alzheimer’s Disease’