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AB - © The Electrochemical Society. An ability to meet our increasing energy demands will be facilitated though improving the next generation of electrochemical devices. The ability to directly image in 3D and analyse solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrodes at high resolutions provides key insights in understanding structure-property relationships; as electrochemical reactions and transport phenomena are strongly affected by complex microstructure. Here we use tomographic techniques to probe 3D electrode structures at nanometer to micrometer length scales. In doing so the first characterisation of specific necks and interfaces alongside their particle sizes within SOFC electrodes is derived. Micro/nano structural changes are followed to facilitate understanding the differences which occur with shape, structures and morphology at high resolution. These are correlated with both measured experimental values and simulations to provide insight into microstructure-property relationships. We also demonstrate approaches to intelligently design electrodes through scaffolds, and potentially 3D printed structures, all towards optimising the structure for performance.
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