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Dr Sayan Sen

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Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer







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Dr Sayan Sen is a Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Hammersmith Hospital & Imperial College London. He has clinical expertise that encompasses both general and interventional cardiology. Dr Sen’s research interests involve both first in man and larger multi-centre clinical trials. His research has been published in the leading cardiology journals and has changed clinical practice around the world.

Clinical Duties

Dr Sen leads the Imperial NHS Trust Cardiology Service for Central and West London. He has lead the re-design of the referral pathways and clinic structure for the Cardiology service in this sector with the aim of making the service more accessible and responsive for patients and GPs referring into the system. The service has been developed to accommodate all cardiac conditions with Tertiary centre Cardiologists providing sub-speciality expertise in Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Heart Failure and Imaging.

Dr Sen performs his Interventional procedures at the Hammersmith Hospital and is part of the primary angioplasty service. He routinely performs complex coronary angioplasty, pacemaker insertion and TAVI. He is recognised as an International expert in this field and is often invited to perform these procedures in Hospitals around the world or as a ‘live’ case operator to International Conferences.


Dr Sen's academic interests are dedicated to improving patient care. As such, they include the development and validation of new diagnostic tools, determining how study design can influence the clinical use of competing therapies and the development and application of tools that permit a more patient centred approach to therapy.

In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship to study the haemodynamic changes in coronary artery bypass grafts, diseased coronary arteries and the haemodynamic changes associated with percutaneous aortic valve insertion. His work involves close collaboration with the bioengineering department at Imperial College and the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre. His research has been presented at the leading cardiology conferences around the world.

One of the themes of his research is to determine which patients should be treated with stents. Dr Sen’s PhD introduced and developed a new technique of stenosis evaluation (the instantaneous wave-free ratio, iFR). This index has been globally adopted by physicians to help guide how they treat patients with coronary artery disease. He is the first author of the ADVISE and CLARIFY studies that demonstrate the potential of iFR and have challenged the current concepts of coronary physiology.

Currently, in addition to being the Principal Investigator of several first in man physiological studies, he is also the Medical Director of the FLAIR trial – a global multi-centre randomized study comparing iFR to existing techniques.

Academic Awards

Sayan studied Medicine at University College London (UCL), achieving a First Class (Honours) Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Sciences & Neuroscience in 2000 and graduated with distinction (Surgery) in his final MBBS Examinations in 2003. He trained as a junior doctor on the Hammersmith and UCL medical rotations prior to being appointed as a Cardiology Specialist Registrar in the North West London region in April 2006 and a NIHR clinical Lecturer in 2013.

Dr Sen’s academic awards include the Royal Society of Medicine Investigator of the Year Award (All Sections, 2013), the Royal Society of Medicine President's Gold Medal (Cardiology section, 2013), the prestigious Imperial College Armstrong Medal and Prize (2012), the Young Investigator Award at the British Cardiac Intervention Society Advanced Coronary Intervention meeting (2012), and the Young Investigator Prize at the Translating Coronary Physiology and Biophysics to Clinical Applications Symposium, Amsterdam (2010). He was shortlisted as a Young Investigator Finalist at the British Hypertension Society and Artery meetings (2010).

He teaches regularly on the undergraduate clinical medicine course and was recognised as a ‘Local Teaching Hero’ (2010) for his contribution to the MBBS/BSc undergraduate course. He is the director of the Essential Guide to coronary angiography and Structural Intervention Course for Cardiology Trainees and is also course director of the Advanced Coronary Physiology Course for consultant cardiologists; which has been attended by hundreds of practising interventional cardiologists from around the world.



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