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Royal Botanic GardensRoyal Botanic Gardens





I am PhD student focussing on the conservation of flowering plants. More specifically, my PhD explores how we can best prioritise species and areas for conservation in light of evolutionary history whilst making sense of data deficiency. Central to this is the concept of Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species. 

My previous research has produced a phylogenetically-informed species priority list for crayfish and explored the impact of projected future climate change on crayfish evolutionary history. More recently, I have been working to produce a set of spatial prioritisations of vertebrate threatened evolutionary history, termed EDGE Zones. 

The PhD incorporates elements of applied phylogenetics and conservation, biogeography, and computational methods. The research is based at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and is partnered with Imperial College London, On the Edge, and the Zoological Society of London


MRes in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation (2020) - Imperial College London

BA in Biological Sciences (2019) - University of Oxford