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Dr Sen Wang is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Robotics and Autonomous Systems and the Director of the Sense Robotics Lab at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and I-X, Imperial's cross-college flagship initiative in AI. 

His research sits at the intersection of robotics, computer vision and machine learning, driving robots and intelligent machines to understand and operate autonomously in unstructured, dynamic environments through probabilistic and learning approaches. His main research areas include robot localisation, autonomous navigation, SLAM, robot vision, robot learning and their application on real-world robot systems to help tackle the challenges we face in our society, from climate change to healthcare.

Through the £18M UKRI ORCA Hub (EP/R026173/1 and EP/W001136/1), he led a research team to develop underwater sensing and robotic technologies for autonomous inspection of offshore energy infrastructure, and successfully carried out the first autonomous wind farm foundation inspection at EDF's Blyth Offshore Wind Farm (EDF Release).

He was awarded the 2023 AI Most Influential Scholar Award Honourable Mention in Robotics. He has served as Associate Editors of IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, ICRA and IROS.

A full list of his publications can be found on Google Scholar

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications