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 2022                 Nurek, Martine Taylor S et al "Recommendations for the recognition, diagnosis, and management of long COVID: a Delphi study." British Journal of General Practice 71.712 (2021): e815-e825. Web. 25 April. 2022. The eLetter RE: BSACI Criticism of our suggestions on Long Covid and Mast Cells was submitted on 25 Apr 2022:

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College Guidelines


2004                                       Involved in creation of Royal College of Paediatrics CFS/ME Guidelines as part of Delphi Panel Consensus

 Books and chapters published

2020   & 2012                       Fiertag O, Taylor S, Tareen A & Garralda E. Somatoform disorders. IACAPAP Textbook of child and adolescent mental health. Editor Joseph Rey. Open access publication. First and second edition

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                                               Further editions translated into Hungarian, Turkish, Chinese and Polish .To date over 10,000 copies sold.

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