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Shuai Wang is a Research Associate working on tropical cyclones and fully-coupled regional climate modeling at Imperial College London since 2017. Shuai completed his Ph.D. on the Atmospheric Physics under the supervision of Prof Ralf Toumi in the Department of Physics at Imperial College.

Check out our new Science paper on the recent migration of tropical cyclones toward coasts!

Shuai is now an Associate Research Scholar at NOAA-GFDL/Princeton Univ.



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Wang S, Toumi R, 2022, More tropical cyclones are striking coasts with major intensities at landfall, Scientific Reports, Vol:12, ISSN:2045-2322

Wang S, Toumi R, 2022, On the intensity decay of tropical cyclones before landfall, Scientific Reports, Vol:12, ISSN:2045-2322

Ke Q, Yin J, Bricker JD, et al., 2021, An integrated framework of coastal flood modelling under the failures of sea dikes: a case study in Shanghai, Natural Hazards, Vol:109, ISSN:0921-030X, Pages:671-703

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