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Funding bodies include Research Councils and Industry (EPSRC, FCT, MoD, Airbus, Renault F1 team, Rolls-Royce, BAe systems).

Silvestre's main research focus is on experimental, analytical and numerical aspects of failure in fibre-reinforced composites. More recent interests include recycling and reusing composites for a sustainable future.

Silvestre's main scientific achievements include analytical and numerical models for failure prediction and simulation, as well as experimental characterisation techniques. Early progress achieved in the description of failure resulted in a substantial impact, which led to his appointment as a Lecturer at Imperial College (while still a PhD student). In collaboration with the University of Porto and wit NASA, Silvestre's models for fibre kinking were developed further, and a model for matrix tensile failure considering the role of shear nonlinearity on the in-situ strength was developed.

For a more physically accurate prediction of damage propagation, Silvestre developed smeared crack algorithms which take into account the fracture toughness for each failure mode. Models in whose development Silvestre participated are currently being used in leading commercial software (Abaqus, Laminate Tools, Hypersizer, ESAComp) and by researchers at several institutions (General Electrics, NASA, TNO, U Bristol and Daimler).




Dr Lorenzo Iannucci, Imperial College London, Composites

Dr Paul Robinson, Imperial College London, Composites

Prof António Torres Marques, University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Composites

Dr Pedro Camanho, University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Composites

Prof Paulo tavares de Castro, University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Fracture

Josep Costa, University of Girona

Norbert Blanco, University of Girona

Dr Carlos G Dávila, NASA Langley Research Center, Composites

Guest Lectures

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Research Student Supervision

CARVALHO,NVD, Failure models for woven composites

DOGRA,J, Experimental determination of the longitudinal strength of thick composites

Done,R, Multiscale analysis of composite structures

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