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Dr Minh-Son (Son) Pham

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials

Senior Lecturer



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B301FBessemer BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





(1)   Additive manufacturing: Designing printable alloys, microstructure, fatigue and creep

(2)   Machine learning & Digital manufacturing

(3)   Architected materials and mechanical meta-materials

(4)   Microstructure and Crystal plasticity

(5)   Mechanical integrity (e.g., fatigue and creep) of steels and alloys

Opening positions

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PhD study openings

1. The studentship includes tuition fee and stipend (£17,009 per annum) up to 3.5 years for eligible candidates (home students). Outstanding overseas candiates with other sponsored fund schemes are welcomed to apply.

The topic of the PhD study can be broadly in 3D printing of alloys (ranging from alloy design to mechanical performance such as fatigue and creep of Ti alloys and superalloys), and in programmable metamaterials. Opportunities to collaborate with experts outside of Materials/3D printing: Maths and Computer Science depending the choice of project.

Please visit https: to see one suggested topic for the studentship and further instruction.

2. Imperial President Scholarship 2020:

If you wish to have my consideration for a nomination for the scholarship, you need to contact me before:

1st November 2019 for Round 1

23rd Dec 2019 for Round 2 and

1st March 2020 for Round 3

Research fellow and Postdoc opportunities: 

You need to send me your CV and research proposal well before the deadlines if you want to request my sponsorship for your application for:

Imperial Research Fellowship: College deadline: 27/08/2019

RAEng Fellowship, EPSRC/Marie-Curie/Newton postdoctoral fellowships, etc.

Prospective students:

If you are looking for a potential supervisor at Imperial College to work in additive manufacturing (ie 3D printing), mechanical performance, microstructural characterisation and constitutive modelling of high-performance metals and alloys, please feel free to contact me at .

Undergraduate students at Imperial: If you are interested in doing UROP with me, you can apply for ICL/UROP opportunities.


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Carnegie Mellon University (USA): Prof Anthony Rollett

University of Sheffield (UK): Prof. Iain Todd

National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA): Automotive Lightweighting Center

ETHZ and Empa (Switzerland): Dr. Stuart Holdsworth & Dr. Ehsan Hosseini

University of Birmingham: Prof. Moataz Attallah

University of Cambridge: Prof. Bill Clegg

University College London: Prof Peter Lee (in-situ image of additive manufacturing processes)


Significant financial support (PI and Co-I: > £800k) has been provided by industrial partners in Aerospace, Gas & Oil, Power Generation, Automobiles, Defense and Medical devices.

Funding agency:

EPSRC, NIST - Materials Genome Initiative