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Sophie Campen is a Research Associate in the Tribology Group. She has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, both from Imperial, and spent a year studying in the Soft Matter and Chemistry Group at ESPCI ParisTech, France.

Sophie’s research interests lie in the adsorption and deposition of organic molecules at the solid-liquid interface in tribological contacts and in other engineering applications. In particular she is interested in experimental techniques for the measurement of these processes as they occur in situ. Sophie is currently investigating mechanochemistry and tribofilm formation.



Zhang J, Ueda M, Campen S, et al., 2021, Boundary friction of ZDDP tribofilms, Tribology Letters, Vol:69, ISSN:1023-8883, Pages:1-17

Zhang J, Ueda M, Campen S, et al., 2021, Boundary friction of ZDDP tribofilms (vol 69, 8, 2021), Tribology Letters, Vol:69, ISSN:1023-8883, Pages:1-1

Campen S, Moorhouse SJ, Wong JSS, 2020, Mechanism of an asphaltene inhibitor in different depositing environments: Influence of colloid stability, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol:184, ISSN:0920-4105

Campen SM, Moorhouse SJ, Wong JSS, 2019, Effect of aging on the removal of asphaltene deposits with aromatic solvent, Langmuir, Vol:35, ISSN:0743-7463, Pages:11995-12008

Campen S, Smith B, Wong J, 2018, Deposition of asphaltene from destabilized dispersions in heptane-toluene, Energy and Fuels, Vol:32, ISSN:0887-0624, Pages:9159-9171

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