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Visiting Reader



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Research interests:

  • Seismic response of geotechnical structures
  • Numerical methods in geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Constitutive modelling in soil dynamics

Research Background:

PhD Thesis:

Development of time integration schemes and advanced boundary conditions for dynamic geotechnical analysis

Research Student Supervision

Buckley,R, Rationalising Offshore Wind Turbine Pile Design and Assurance in Difficult Ground Conditions (completed)

Han,B, Seismic Response of High Rockfill Dams (completed)

Koronides,M, Numerical Investigation of Field Real Scale Experiments involving Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction

Lessi,A, Consistent representation of ground-motion variability through site-specific PSHA and dynamic structural analysis (completed)

Moeller,J, Seismic response of foundations for offshore wind turbine generators

Papaspiliou,M-I, On the Incorporation of Site Response in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses (completed)

Pelecanos,L, Seismic performance, Analysis and Design of Earthfill Dams (completed)

Skiada,E, Consistent Incorporation of Topography Effects in Ground Motion Prediction Models (completed)

Solans,D, Seismic performance of tailings dams

Summersgill,F, Investigating the use of piles to stabilise soil slopes (completed)

Taborda,D, Development of constitutive models for application in soil dynamics (completed)

Tsaparli,V, Numerical modelling of earthquake induced liquefaction under irregular and multi-directional loading

Tsaparli,V, Numerical Modelling of Earthquake Induced Liquefaction (completed)

Wen,K, Driveability and axial capacity of piles for offshore wind turbines