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Professor Stephen Brett is head for research for the Directorate of Anaesthetics and Critical Care within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, leading the Centre for Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care Research and Professor of Critical Care at Imperial College.  The Centre is developing a unique agenda of patient focused projects along the entirety of patient journey, be it in surgery or critical illness, and of course resuscitation; these projects range from epidemiology and public health, through clinical trials to evaluation of the impact of surgery on chronic diseases and of course technology evaluation. The Centre supports many Comprehensive Research Network portfolio studies and is supported through this and the Biomedical Research Centre Scheme.

Professor Brett's personal research interests are in understanding and optimizing long term outcomes after critical illness. He is chief investigator for a number of clinical studies both locally and nationally. He recently lead the NICE guidline development group which published the guideline "Rehabilitation after Critical Illness" (

Prof. Brett is President of the Intensive Care Society  and is an Editor of the journal Critical Care. In addition he serves on a number of Department of Health advisory groups, and provides consultancy to industry in the fields of clinical trial design and supervision, and marketing. 



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