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My undergraduate degree was in zoology, my postgraduate training in philosophy of science. I didn’t go into academia straightaway, but in fact was a school science teacher for 13 years, in various London schools, including being head of biology at Quintin Kynaston. When I was a teacher, in the 1980s and 90s, school science had a much more questioning and critical curriculum than it does now, and it was this experience which led me into science communication.

Before coming to Imperial College, in 1999, I was trying my hand at many sorts of science writing, including radio plays for the BBC, children’s books of various sorts, introductory texts to the philosophy of science, and even a weather column for The Guardian. All this led me to become co-director of the Birkbeck diploma in science communication in 1995, while still a school teacher. A few years later I transferred to Imperial College, and became Senior Lecturer in science communication.

I was director of the Unit from 2008 - 2023.

I am currently leading The Good Science Project, a College-wide exploration of research culture.



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