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Wong S, Ekanayake J, Liu Y, Constandinou Tet al., 2019, An impedance probing system for real-time intra-operative brain tumour tissue discrimination, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BioCAS) Conference, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1-4

The ability to perform realtime diagnostics of tissueintraoperatively can greatly enhance the precision and effective-ness of the underlying surgery, for example, in tumour resection.To achieve this however would require a miniature tool ableto performin situ, in-vivocharacterisation for distinguishingbetween different types of tissues. In this work, we exploredthe feasibility and requirements of implementing a portableimpedance characterisation system for brain tumour detection.We proposed and implemented a novel system based on PCB-based instrumentation using a square four-electrode microendo-scopic probe. The system uses a digital-to-analogue converterto generate a multi-tone sinusoid waveform, and a floating bi-directional voltage-to-current converter to output the differentialstimulation current to one pair of electrodes. The other pairof electrodes are connected to the sensing circuit based on aninstrumentation amplifier. The recorded data is pre-processed bythe micro-controller and then analysed on a host computer. Toevaluate the system, tetrapolar impedances have been recordedfrom a number of different electrode configurations to sense pre-defined resistance values. The overall system consumes 143 mAcurrent, achieve 0.1% linearity and 15μV noise level, with amaximum signal bandwidth of 100 kHz. Initial experimentalresults on tissue were carried out on a piece of rib-eye steak.Electrical impedance maps (EIM) and contour plots were thenreconstructed to represent the impedance value in different tissue region.

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