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Susannah is a PhD student within the Institute of Chemical Biology (ICB) in the Department of Chemistry. She works with both the Membrane Biophysics group in the Department of Chemistry (supervised by Prof Rob Law and Prof Oscar Ces), and the Surface Particle Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering (supervised by Prof Daryl Williams).

Susannah first completed her MSci in Chemistry at Imperial, working under the supervision of Dr James Wilton-Ely on multimetallic MRI contrast agents. She then joined the ICB in 2017 and completed an MRes in Chemical Biology, focusing on small molecule interactions with human hair, before beginning her PhD in 2018. 



Molisso S, Williams DR, Ces O, et al., 2021, Molecular interaction and partitioning in α-Keratin using 1H NMR Spin-Lattice (T1) relaxation times, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol:18, ISSN:1742-5662, Pages:1-8

Perry H, Yoon I, Chabloz N, et al., 2020, Metallostar assemblies based on dithiocarbamates for use as MRI contrast agents, Inorganic Chemistry, Vol:59, ISSN:0020-1669, Pages:10813-10823

Chabloz N, Wenzel M, Perry H, et al., 2019, Polyfunctionalised nanoparticles bearing robust gadolinium surface units for high relaxivity performance in MRI, Chemistry - a European Journal, Vol:25, ISSN:0947-6539, Pages:10895-10906

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