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AB - In a recent article, we derived a probability distribution that was shown toclosely approximate that of the data produced by liquid chromatography time-of-flightmass spectrometry (LC/TOFMS) instruments employing time-to-digital converters(TDCs) as part of their detection system. The approach of formulating detailed andhighly accurate mathematical models of LC/MS data via probability distributions thatare parameterized by quantities of analytical interest does not appear to have beenfully explored before. However, we believe it could lead to a statistically rigorousframework for addressing many of the data analytical problems that arise in LC/MSstudies. In this article, we present new procedures for correcting for TDC saturationusing such an approach and demonstrate that there is potential for significantimprovements in the effective dynamic range of TDC-based mass spectrometers, which could make them muchmore competitive with the alternative analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The degree of improvement dependson our ability to generate mass and chromatographic peaks that conform to known mathematical functions andour ability to accurately describe the state of the detector dead time—tasks that may be best addressed throughengineering efforts
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