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Professor Tim Green, FREng

Faculty of Engineering

Co-Director of the Energy Futures Laboratory (EFL)



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Energy Futures Lab, Electrical Eng BuildingElectrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





I am one of the two co-directors of Energy Future Lab, Imperial's cross-disciplinary energy institute with responsibility for facilitating interdisciplinary research and postgraduate education in energy and in coordinating its dissemination. I am also  Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

My personal  research focuses on the analysis and technology to support the development of a low carbon electricity supply network that is able to accommodate variable renewable sources and new widespread electric vehicle charging while still delivering a cost effective and very reliable service. My research specialisation is in power electronics for use in power systems. At the high power end of the system this is focused on High-Voltage DC transmission for collection of off-shore wind energy and international inter-connection. In the lower power distribution system, the focus is on managing photovoltaic sources and contributing to voltage regulation. This work is supported by EPSRC, ABB, National Grid and UK Power Networks

I teach an introductory module in power engineering to Electrical and Electronic Engineering students and specialised modules for our CDT in Future Power Networks. 

I am a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Merlin MMC, Soto-Sanchez D, Judge PD, et al., 2017, The extended overlap alternate arm converter: a voltage source converter with DC fault ride-through capability and a compact design, Ieee Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol:33, ISSN:1941-0107, Pages:3898-3910

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Merlin MMC, Green TC, Mitcheson PD, et al., 2010, A New Hybrid Multi-Level Voltage-Sourced Converter with DC Fault Blocking Capability, IET Conference on AC/DC Transmission

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