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Professor Tim Green, FREng

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Academic Leader for Sustainability, Professor



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1107EElectrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





Teacher, 2nd Year (EE2-3) Power engineering. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, 3rd Year (EE3-14) Power Electronics. (Undergraduate)

Teacher, 4th Year: EE4-50 Sustainable Energy Systems. (Undergraduate)

Energy Transmission and Storage - SEF08


To introduce the transmission network issues towards large scale integration of wind power

• To provide a vision for future distributed energy systems

• To explain power flow analysis and its role in planning and operational studies of electric power transmission system

• To provide an overview of the high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) and flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) technologies

• To explain the principles and describe the design and operation of batteries

• To provide an overview of the hydrogen transmission and storage infrastructure

• To explain the role of gas in a low carbon future



Topics in Electrical Engineering - ELEC40009


 The aim of this module is to introduce you to the interdisciplinary nature of electrical engineering.
The module starts with semiconductor devices – the pn diode that is the basic structure for all other devices and will support understanding of concepts in Analysis and Design of Circuits. It will then look into the use of pn diodes as solar cells, an important part of the renewable energy system.
The PV cell directly links to the second topic in power that will look at energy distribution in the grid and the role of renewables in that system. It will also give a glimpse into power management approaches such as maximum power point tracking.
In the spring term, the module changes track and takes you from waves propagating in space and transmission lines through to waves as information carriers in the frequency domain and the need for modulation techniques to transport this information efficiently.
The objective is to give you a flavour of different aspects in engineering to help you choose between EEE and EIE stream in the 2nd year. It also helps you understand the interconnectivity of a wide variety of concepts that classically taught separately.



Power Electronics and power systems - ELEC50012