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I'm interested in a number of astrophysical phenomena, including

  • Protoplanetary discs and planet formation
    • Their evaporation by light from nearby stars 
    • Their evaporation by light from the parent star
    • Case studies of individual systems (e.g. RW Aur, HD163296, IM Lup, Trappist-1)
    • Globulettes
  • Star formation
    • Feedback from massive stars (ionising radiation)
    • Cloud-cloud collisions as possible instigators of widespread massive star formation. In particular I'm interested in predicting signatures of such a process to  help observers.

I predominantly use a Monte Carlo radiation transport and hydrodynamics code called TORUS for my research. I use this tool to model situations where radiation drives the composition, temperature and dynamics of astrophysical systems. It also allows me to predict what a given model should look like through a telescope -- a ``synthetic observation'' 

In addition to the above, I am also interested in outreach and am involved in a collaboration between artists and scientists  as part of the creativity and curiosity project. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Haworth TJ, Facchini S, Clarke CJ, et al., 2017, First evidence of external disc photoevaporation in a low mass star forming region: the case of IM Lup, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Vol:468, ISSN:1745-3933, Pages:L108-L112

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