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European Competition Law and Policy

Economics of Cities, Smart Cities and Data Sharing

Economics of Cities Economics of Media, Sport and Entertainment

Economics of Income Distribution and Mobility

Current Research Areas

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´Merger and Antitrust Remedies´. I just completed a review of recent of enforcement practice and use of remedies in EU merger control which as published as a foreword to an e-Competition special issues on merger remedies on 27 September 2018. I have been invited to speak on challenges in the implementation of remedies at the annual conference of the Global Competition Law Centre in Brussels in January 2019 and to this end am researching the effectiveness of remedies in one sector, aviation.

´Economics of Cities´. I have just completed an over of ´Cities and Trade´for the forthcoming Handbook of Trade Policy (edited by Andreas Klasen). My current research interest is to revisit a set of GDP estimation and projections or the world´s largest cities which I prepared with colleagues at PrciewaterhouseCoopers in 2008 and where I plan to link these estimations to the value of a city´s real estate asset.

‘Open API’s and the industrial structure of the Digital Economy’. Dr Catherine Mulligan (Imperial College) and I undertaking joint research on the role of Open API’s and associated usage patterns in the digital economy. This builds on our joint work for the Digital City Exchange project at Imperial College, my work on open interfaces and interoperability remedies in competition law, and the 2017 Open Banking remedies decided by the Competition and Markets Authority where I was a member on the Retail Banking enquiry group.

‘Incentives for data sharing and information exchange’.  As part of the Digital Cities research programme at Imperial College and building on initial exploratory research in the Open Platform project, Zeynep Gurguc, Aija Leiponen and I are investigating issues such as incentives for data sharing, security issues and IP and governance issues. Applying experimental methods we plan to isolate key causal relationships between business environments, agent behaviour and their consumer choices.


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