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Mr Thiago Hector Kanashiro Uehara

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Research Postgraduate



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Thiago Uehara is one of the Imperial College's President’s PhD Scholars (2016 cohort) working with Professor Clive Potter and Rayane Aguiar.


I graduated from the University of Cambridge (MPhil Geographical Research) and from the University of São Paulo (BA Environmental Management, MSc Environmental Science). I have also studied at the Institute for Development Studies (Steps Centre, Pathways to Sustainability, Sussex-UK), Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV, Public Administration, Brazil), and AgroParisTech (Ecosystems and Water Management, Montpellier-France).


I have been working with policymaking, evaluation, teaching, and applied research in the fields of sustainable consumption and production, food policy, ecological restoration, environmental management, rural development, and climate change.

In the public sector, I worked at the office of the President of Brazil as a sustainability advisor and as a lecturer at the National School of Public Administration. I was a tenured analyst at the Ministry of the Environment and a tenured environmental manager at the State Secretariat of the Environment of São Paulo.

In the private sector, I worked as a senior consultant and research fellow at Fundaçäo Getulio Vargas, which is an influential think tank on international development and transdisciplinary research. Also, I was commissioned by the IPCC WG-3 to synthesise the missing elements and connections between climate change mitigation and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Research interests

Policymaking; Policy Evaluation; Food systems; Food sovereignty; Food security; Agrarian change; Rural Sociology and Economy; Well-being; Development; Sustainability; Sustainable Consumption and Production; Resources Governance; Mixed-methods for policy evaluation.

PhD research

My broad interest is in public policy and sustainable development. I am currently working on rural, social and food security policies in Brazil, which have been under retrenchment since at least 2014, especially after the Ministry for Rural Development was downsized and budgets for alleviating poverty and hunger were cut. I am analysing this change, focusing on the federal government’s Food Acquisition Programme (Programa de Aquisição de Alimentos), which was designed to supplement diets of vulnerable populations with food sourced from local family farmers. My research comprises a political economy analysis of this austerity regime and case studies in sites of diverse human development levels, i.e. in the Amazon (Careiro da Várzea, state of Amazonas in the North), in the semi-arid sertão (Apodi, state of Rio Grande do Norte in the Northeast), in the Cerrado (Iporá, state of Goiás in the Central-West region) and in its transition with the Atlantic Forest (Angatuba, state of São Paulo in the Southeast). I have challenged development narratives by examining the origins and politics of this austerity regime and its impacts on farmers’ livelihoods, environments, wellbeing, and futures. I am exploring ways that could contribute to fairer food systems and sustainability pathways for rural populations in the developing world.

Selected publications


Sustainable Procurement: The power of public and private consumption for an inclusive green economy (Also in Portuguese, Compra Sustentável: A força do poder público e empreasial para uma economia verde e inclusiva) (FGV) with Luciana Betiol, F. Laloe, G. Pugliese, S. Adeodato, L. Ramos, and M. Monzoni

[Riparian forests] Matas Ciliares, 2nd Ed. (SMA) with Daniela Kuntschik and Eduarte, M.

[Wood consumption and state authority] Poder público e consumo de madeira: Desafios e alternativas para gestão responsável da madeira amazônica (FGV) with Malu Villela, L. Betiol, O. Prado, M. Gomes, and C. Reis

[Monitoring ecological restoration sites] Monitoramento de áreas em recuperação: Subsídios à seleção de indicadores para avaliar o sucesso da restauração ecológica (SMA) Org. with Flavio Gandara


[Responsible consumption of Amazon wood] Consumo responsável de madeira amazônica: a adoção do instrumento da licitação sustentável por governos subnacionais membros da Rede Amigos da Amazônia (2011) Cadernos Gestão Pública e Cidadania, 16(58), 106-125 with Malu Villela, L. Betiol, M. Teixeira, M. Gomes, and M. Monzoni.

[Environmental Management research] Pesquisas em gestão ambiental: análise de sua evolução na Universidade de São Paulo (2010) Ambiente & Sociedade, 13(1), 165-185 with Gabriela Otero, Martins, E., Phillipi Jr, A., Mantovani, W.

Book chapters

[Mission, organisation structure, and performance] Missão, estrutura organizacional e performance. In Novos paradigmas, práticas sociais e desafios para a governança ambiental, 495-526 (Annablume, Fapesp) with Waldir Mantovani and R. Orsato

Improving public policies for the restoration of riparian ecosystems in private properties. In Biodiversity conservation in the Americas, 329-354 (Universidad de Chile) with Helena von Glehn

Selected technical production

Course on Sustainability in Logistics and Procurement. Brasília: ENAP (2015) Org. with Fernanda Capdeville, J. Ribeiro, M. Bliacheris and T. Barki

[Sustainability Logistics Master Plan of the Ministry of the Environment] Plano de Gestão de Logística Sustentável do Ministério do Meio Ambiente. Brasília: MMA (2013) with Claudia Lopes, A. Almeida, A. Neto, F. Queiroz, F. Campos, F. Silva, L. Vitali, S. Silva and T. Lima

In-depth Brazil profile. In Carrots and sticks: Sustainability reporting policies worldwide today’s best practice, tomorrow’s trends, p. 26. Paris: UNEP (2013) with Ana Neto and M. Silva

[Effectiveness evaluation of the Riparian Restoration Project in São Paulo] Avaliação da Efetividade do Projeto de Recuperação de Matas Ciliares. Global Environment Facility, The World Bank, SMA (2011) with Egberto Casazza.