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Tom is a Postdoctoral Research Associate under the supervision of Prof. Ed Tate in the Department of Chemistry, working on a Cancer Research UK funded project investigating Rab27a as a therapeutic target in cancer. Tom has additional research interests in understanding the role of Hedgehog palmitoylation in cancer, as well as the development of novel means to address antimicrobial resistance. 


Biographical details

Tom graduated from the University of Leeds in 2008 with a first class MChem degree in Medicinal Chemistry, which included a year in industry at GlaxoSmithKline. His final year project investigated the use of metathesis cascades in combination with Diels-Alder reactions in diversity-oriented synthesis under the supervision of Prof. Adam Nelson. Tom was also awarded the Craig Jordan prize for top graduate in Medicinal Chemistry.

Continuing at Leeds, Tom undertook a cross-disciplinary PhD under the supervision of Dr Stuart Warriner and Prof. Alison Baker investigating protein-protein interactions in the peroxisomal docking complex of Arabidopsis thaliana. This research was supported by funding from the University of Leeds School of Chemistry, Centre for Plant Sciences, and Astbury Centre for Structural and Molecular Biology.

In 2013, Tom joined the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London as a Research Associate under the supervision of Prof. Ed Tate and Prof. Tony Magee as part of a Cancer Research UK funded project targeting the enzyme Hedgehog acyltransferase. This project involved development of new assay formats alongside the Analytical Technology and Screening Team at the Institute of Cancer Research, investigation of methods for scale-up of cell culture, and chemical synthesis and characterisation of small molecule inhibitors. 

Tom moved to the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College in 2016 to investigated fragment-based approaches to target small GTPases in cancer under the supervision of Dr Ernesto Cota

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lim C, Ha KP, Clarke R, et al., 2019, Identification of a potent small-molecule inhibitor of bacterial DNA repair that potentiates quinolone antibiotic activity in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Vol:27, ISSN:0968-0896, Pages:1-7

Lanyon-Hogg T, Ritzefeld M, Sefer L, et al., 2019, Acylation-coupled lipophilic induction of polarisation (Acyl-cLIP): a universal assay for lipid transferase and hydrolase enzymes, Chemical Science, Vol:10, ISSN:2041-6520, Pages:8995-9000

Lanyon-Hogg T, Faronato M, Serwa RA, et al., 2017, Dynamic protein acylation: new substrates, mechanisms and drug targets, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Vol:42, ISSN:0968-0004, Pages:566-581

Lanyon-Hogg T, Patel NV, Ritzefeld M, et al., 2017, Microfluidic mobility shift assay for real-time analysis of peptide n-palmitoylation, Slas Discovery, Vol:22, ISSN:2472-5552, Pages:418-424

Lanyon-Hogg T, Masumoto N, Bodakh G, et al., 2015, Click chemistry armed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure palmitoylation by hedgehog acyltransferase, Analytical Biochemistry, Vol:490, ISSN:1096-0309, Pages:66-72

More Publications