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Timo Lauteslager followed his undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, where he received his BSc degree in 2012. Subsequently he was awarded with a 2 year Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Committee. This scholarship allowed him to follow a joint degree master program in Biomedical Engineering, at Czech Technical University and Trinity College Dublin. He specialized in biosignal processing and neural engineering. In 2014 he received his MSc with distinction from both universities. Timo has joined the Next Generation Neural Interfaces lab at the Centre for Bio-inspired Technology as a PhD candidate in January 2015.

PhD Thesis Topic

Coherent ultra-wideband radar-on-chip for medical sensing and imaging

Research Interests

Ultra-wideband radar, microwave imaging, radar imaging, digital signal processing, biosignal processing, medical imaging techniques, consumer health tech, sleep tracking, circadian neuroscience



Lauteslager T, Tommer M, Lande TS, et al., 2019, Coherent UWB radar-on-chip for in-body measurement of cardiovascular dynamics, Ieee Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Vol:13, ISSN:1932-4545, Pages:814-824


Lauteslager T, Tommer M, Lande TS, et al., 2018, Cross-body UWB radar sensing of arterial pulse propagation and ventricular Dynamics, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BioCAS) Conference, IEEE, Pages:165-168

Lauteslager T, Tommer M, Kjelgard KG, et al., 2017, Intracranial Heart Rate Detection Using UWB Radar, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BioCAS) Conference, IEEE, Pages:119-122

Lauteslager T, Nicolaou N, Lande TS, et al., 2016, Functional neuroimaging Using UWB Impulse Radar: a Feasibility Study, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BioCAS) Conference, IEEE, Pages:406-409

Lauteslager T, O'Sullivan JA, Reilly RB, et al., 2014, Decoding of Attentional Selection in a Cocktail Party Environment from Single-Trial EEG is Robust to Task, 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE-Engineering-in-Medicine-and-Biology-Society (EMBC), IEEE, Pages:1318-1321, ISSN:1557-170X

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