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I am a Senior Lecturer of Control Engineering at the department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London. 

My research interests span a variety of topics in nonlinear control theory, including, for instance, optimal control, differential games, robust control and output feedback. I have a particular interest in fundamental control engineering and its applications to robotic systems. 

I was born in Bergen, Norway. I received the M.Eng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London, UK, in 2010. In 2014 I completed my Ph.D. degree with the Control and Power research group at the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London, where I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate from 2014-2016. From 2016-2017, I was a Research Fellow at the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London, where I was appointed Lecturer in 2017 and, subsequently, Senior Lecturer in 2021.  

Potential PhD students

I am always looking for exceptional PhD students to work on advanced topics in nonlinear control. Prospective students are welcome to contact me by email, clearly and concisely providing
1) Evidence of a strong background in systems and control 
2) Evidence of excellence in an MEng/MSc degree.
3) A list of courses taken and achieved grades related to systems and control. 

Due to the large volume of emails received, only emails in which the above information is provided will get a response. Emails with insufficient evidence of 1. and 2. will not be acknowledged and should be considered rejected. 


I am a lecturer of the courses "Mechatronics" and "Computing and Numerical Methods 2" , which are two of the core modules for second year Aeronautics students at Imperial College. 

I have previously taught the undergradyate modules "Circuits, Signals and Systems", "Numerical Methods" and the MSc module "Control Theory".

I am also personal tutor (for 1st - 4th year undergraduate students) and supervisor of undergraduate and MSc projects.



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