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Tatenda is a Research Associate in Fire Science at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College London.

He is currently working on 'Investigating fa├žade fires using computational methods' through a project funded by the Berkeley Group. He has previously worked with the Imperial Hazelab research group in collaboration with a leading-edge R&D London firm (FAC Technology) in the DAEDALUS project funded by Innovate UK to study the fire behaviour the polymer composites. 

He holds a PhD in Material Science from the University of Lille (2019) & an MSc in Energetics & Environment from the Sorbonne University - Pierre and Marie Curie Campus (2015), France. During his PhD, he worked in the laboratory UMET-R2Fire  as part of the ERC Advanced Grant FireBar-Concept project focusing on the identification of the governing parameters controlling the fire behavior of materials through sensitivity studies and the conceptualization of innovative fire safe materials using optimization techniques. He completed his MSc in Energetics & Environment with a six-month internship at the ArcelorMittal Global R&D Center, France.

He also studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Science & Technology Houari Boumedienne, Algeria (BSc 2011, MSc 2013).

His key research interests include combining numerical modelling and experiments to understand the fire behaviour of materials.



Nyazika T, Jimenez M, Samyn F, et al., 2019, Pyrolysis modeling, sensitivity analysis, and optimization techniques for combustible materials: A review, Journal of Fire Sciences, Vol:37, ISSN:0734-9041, Pages:377-433

Nyazika T, Jimenez M, Samyn F, et al., 2018, Modeling heat transfers across a silicone-based intumescent coating, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol:1107, ISSN:1742-6588, Pages:032012-032012

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