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I am just starting a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in the Bioengineering Department, where I will be building up a "Principles of Biomolecular Systems" group. I've previously been affiliated with Nick Jones' systems and signals group, the Doye / Louis biophysics groups in Oxford and the biochemical networks group of Pieter Rein ten Wolde in Amsterdam. 

My group probes the fundamental principles underlying complex biochemical systems through theoretical modelling, simulation and experiment. In particular, We focus on the interplay between the detailed biochemistry and the overall output of a process such as sensing, replication or self-assembly. We're inspired by natural systems, and aim to explore the possibilities of engineering artificial analogs. For more details, please refer to my Research Page.

Our take on the most recent developments in the field can be found in the blog that we run.



I'm always happy to hear from undergraduates, graduates and Postdocs that are excited by the research of my group. I will be offering several projects for MEng and MSc students, so please check them out. For excellent graduate students, it is possible to apply for funding through the Department or the College , so contact me if interested. I'm also potentially able to support applications for independent Postdoctoral positions, such as Imperial's excellent Research Fellowships that I myself benefited from.





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Brittain R, Jones N, Ouldridge T, 2018, Biochemical Szilard engine for memory limited inference

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