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Dr Tim Oxley is a Research Fellow in Integrated Assessment Modelling at the Centre for Environmental Policy. His multidisciplinary research interests include model integration, air quality modelling at different spatial scales, and air pollution issues from long-range transboundary air pollution down to micro-scale urban population exposure, focussing both on air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. This involves broad collaboration with both international and national networks of experts.

Tim is a member of the Integrated Assessment Unit (IAU) and works on the Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies (SNAPCS) project, supporting the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in their development of UK air quality policy, including the setting of targets for harmful PM2.5 concentrations by 2040 as required by the Environment Act 2021.

Now working part-time, Tim’s focus is the ongoing development of the UK Integrated Assessment Model, providing the flexibility to address policy issues arising from UN/ECE, European and National air quality objectives and policy priorities. Tim also provides support for other members of the IAU in developing their research portfolios.

Tim has a background in complex systems modelling involving the spatial and temporal dimensions of the interactions between humans and their natural environment. This has involved the use of integrative research methods and the development of interactive decision support tools for environmental assessment.

Selected reports for Defra:

Mehlig D, Oxley T, Woodward H, ApSimon H, 2023, Integrated Assessment Modelling of alternative DfT traffic growth and fleet scenarios: Phase 1. Defra contract report: SNAPCS project, Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies, August 2023

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, Mehlig D, Holland M, 2023. Analysis of abatement options to reduce PM2.5 concentrations, Defra contract report: SNAPCS project, Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies, February 2023,

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, 2019. The contribution of shipping emissions to pollutant concentrations and nitrogen deposition across the UK, Defra contract report: SNAPCS project, Support for National Air Pollution Control Strategies, December 2019 (updated February 2021).






ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, et al., 2023, Integrated assessment modelling of future air quality in the UK to 2050, and synergies with net-zero strategies, Atmosphere, Vol:14, ISSN:2073-4433, Pages:1-21

Oxley T, Vieno M, Woodward H, et al., 2023, Reduced-form and complex Actm modelling for air quality policy development: a model inter-comparison, Environment International, Vol:171, ISSN:0160-4120, Pages:1-13

Woodward H, Oxley T, Rowe EC, et al., 2022, An exceedance score for the assessment of the impact of nitrogen deposition on habitats in the UK, Environmental Modelling and Software, Vol:150, ISSN:1364-8152, Pages:1-11

Mehlig D, 2021, Electrification of road transport and the impacts on air quality and health in the UK, Atmosphere, Vol:12, ISSN:2073-4433, Pages:1-15

ApSimon H, Oxley T, Woodward H, et al., 2021, The UK Integrated Assessment Model for source apportionment and air pollution policy applications to PM2.5, Environment International, Vol:153, ISSN:0160-4120

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